Historical Fiction Project



When you are finished reading the historical fiction novel you have chosen:

Part 1- Essay

    When you are finished reading, write a letter or a diary entry  as the main character or as an eyewitness

 to the events in the book. Provide the title of the book, the author, the range of time (years) the story

covers at the beginning of project as an aside ( not part of the letter or entry).


    Two or three of the following prompts should be used in the essay:

           what you learned about the era/history that you did not know before reading the book

  the climactic event in the book

  the person, place, or thing you are inspired to learn more about by reading the book.


        Part 2-

Next,  reproduce the cover of the book (or you can create your own art to illustrate an important    element of the book) using materials supplied by Mr. Carpenter. This artwork will become part of a    classroom timeline of the novels read during this project. Most of this will be done in class.


Note: The rubric on the back should be used as a tool during the writing of the letter or diary entry. The rubric            will be used to grade your written piece.


Book Review and essay due in class on _______________.